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Welcome to Sri Dharmaloka College

Sri Dharmaloka College is one of the well-established prominent national schools in the Western province of Sri Lanka, situated near the Kelaniya Temple. The school opened in the 1940s on the premises of Vidyalankara Pirivena. In the 1950s, the college moved to its current location on the Kelaniya premises. Sri Dharmaloka College has been serving the educational needs of society in a responsible manner for the last seventy years.

Mr.A.G.Nimal Jayaweerara

Pricipal Note

Principal of Dharmaloka College Mr.A.G.Nimal Jayaweerara is a skilled administrator in the field of education. He started his education at the village school and later joined

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Dharmaloka's crest is a circle which contains a symbol of an oil lamp, the school motto, and lotus petals. The lotus petals symbolize glory and success. The oil lamp symbolizes light, wisdom and glory. The motto is in the middle circle of the crest.



Dharmaloka's flag was designed many years after the school opened. It has three columns; the middle column is yellow and the side columns are maroon. In the middle column there is the school's crest. It symbolizes the school's glory and loyalty to Dharmaloka.

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Dharmaloka's motto is "Aloko Udha Padhee," which means "The light has come," a lyric reputed to be mentioned by the greatest philosopher Lord Buddha after he had obtained enlightenment. In this same lyric, Buddha is said to have continued "The wise has attained."


• E-Evolution the information technology day on 20th November 2015 at the school auditorium.
• Prize giving 2015 on 3rd March 2016.
• SDC staff get together party will be on 15th October