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Sri Dharmaloka College is one of the well-established prominent national schools in the Western province of Sri Lanka, situated near the Kelaniya Temple. The school was established in 1938 at the premises of Vidyalankara Pirivena. In the 1950s, the college moved to its current location on the Kelaniya premises.

I'm glad to be the principal of a leading school in the region. Over the years we have come a long way with adding new resources and facilities to the school. Seeing we are becoming a leading school in academic, sports and extra curricular activities brings a great pleasure to me and it keeps me motivated to do more. With the support of students, teachers, parents and past pupils i'm sure we can take our school to far greater heights.
                                              - Principal - Mr. A. G. Nimal Jayaweera -

Continuing as a scientific institution that provides dedication to the religious, cultural, economic and social development that preserves the Sri Lankan identity according to the national education objectives.

Every daughter and son stepping in this meritorious land give birth to Lakmawa as a respectable citizen who loves Nature, loves full of goodwill, talents, skills and abilities.

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